What Ethereum Holders Should Expect in 2023

What Ethereum [ETH] holders should expect in 2023 and beyond?

  • In the next months, Ethereum will implement Protco Danksharding.
  • The money produced by ETH validators has been reduced by 26% during the last month.

The whole market has been under selling pressure. But, according to the plan outlined by the Ethereum Foundation, the near future appears quite intriguing for the ETH holders. Well, due to the numerous upgrades and advancements that will be implemented on the network over the next year.

Hit the road(map)

Withdrawals would be one of the most significant changes to the Ethereum network.

Withdrawals for the bulk of stakeholders would be available by the end of March, with testing beginning in January and February.

The debate about permitting withdrawals has led to some FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). Many people are scared that a large number of stakers would withdraw their ETH deposits. This, in turn, may have a detrimental impact on the altcoin’s price.

What Ethereum Holders Should Expect in 2023

The fact that most of ETH’s holding was acquired before 2022, mostly during the bull market, should not be overlooked. Interesting to note is that HODLers are the source of these stakes.

Although withdrawals are now possible, long-term ETH holders might not withdraw their ETH any time soon.

Therefore, Protco Danksharding would likewise be made available through ETH. Transactions for L2 would become incredibly cheap with this upgrade. and subsequently, aid in expanding the Ethereum network’s size.

One of the reasons why the network’s validators have remained supportive of Ethereum may be due to these changes.

It is clear from the graphic below that the Ethereum network’s validators have been multiplying over time. Their count increased by 4.53% during the previous 30 days.

Despite their earnings dropping, the validators still showed their support. Staking Rewards reports that during the past month, the revenue produced by the validators fell by 26%.

Retail investors demonstrated interest in ETH in addition to the validators. Take into account that during the past few months, a significant growth in the number of addresses holding more than 0.01 bitcoin has occurred.

Along with that, ETH activity also picked up. The number of transfers increased and increased to a 4-month high of 24,000 transactions, according to data given by glassnode.

Despite these encouraging developments, ETH traders’ mood remained unfavorable.

Traders remain skeptical

The amount of short bets taken against ETH has continued to rise in recent weeks, according to coinglass statistics.

What Ethereum Holders Should Expect in 2023 2

At the time of publication, 51.84% of the top traders on Binance had held short bets against Ethereum.

It remains to be seen whether ETH can do well in the future quarter.

FAQs – Ethereum Holders

Many analysts are still positive, despite the latest collapse, forecasting ethereum's price will potentially approach and above $12,000 this year. Ethereum nonetheless had a reasonably good end to 2021. In November, ethereum reached a new all-time high of $4,850.

Based on past data, DigitalCoinPrice forecasted that the ethereum price might reach $18,170.59 by the end of the decade. The ETH price forecast by CoinPriceForecast claimed the token may trade at $2,559 by the end of 2030.



In conclusion, Ethereum holders should expect some exciting developments in the coming years. We can anticipate a greater understanding of Ethereum’s underlying technology, including its blockchain and smart contract capabilities. As more people become familiar with this technology, we can expect to see increased adoption and use of Ethereum in a variety of industries. We may also see the development of more advanced applications built on top of the Ethereum platform, as well as the introduction of new features and upgrades. Ultimately, we can expect Ethereum to remain an important player in the cryptocurrency space for years to come.


Before we begin, we’d want to emphasize that while you can make passive income using bitcoin & Ethereum in the eight methods we’ll explain, it’s not guaranteed to be a success. We’re all aware of how volatile cryptocurrencies are. Even in the absence of a turbulent market, inflation and bearish markets might cause you to lose your whole investment. So, before investing in any plan, you should carefully examine if the risks associated are worthwhile.


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