Trump NFT Trading Card Are Hilarious


Donald Trump, a former U.S. president, and media figure launched his very own collection of NFTs following much fanfare that shouldn’t surprise anybody about him. These are digital trading card graphics of non-fungible tokens.

Trump NFT Trading Card Are Hilarious

To put it mildly, several of them are plain funny in terms of kitsch. Trump is essentially shown on the cards in a variety of cosplay-like positions and outfits.

These include rather mundane photos of Trump in a wide-open wilderness area while dressed as a cowboy or sheriff, as well as more unusual photos of him donning a superhero costume a la Superman, or taking off his costume to reveal superhero tights (while shooting fire from his eyes). Fire, indeed.

So, yes, regardless of your political views, they are amusing. Trump himself hasn’t linked this NFT decline to any one political initiative. Instead, they appear to be a part of the former president’s larger effort to remain relevant in new contexts as a real estate developer, celebrity weirdo, and former president.

The company that issued the cards distinctly states:

The political nature of these digital trading cards and their connection to any political cause are unrelated. Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization, CIC Digital LLC, or any of its respective principals or affiliates do not own, manage, or control NFT INT LLC.

Also stated by NFT INT LLC is that the company “uses Donald J. Trump’s name, likeness, and picture under a paid license from CIC Digital LLC, which license may be canceled or revoked under its terms.”

In any case, the NFTs began to trade for $99 each on websites like the NFT marketplace OpenSea. Also, it’s important to note that the first drop of the digital cards sold out in less than a day, so don’t scoff at any of this.


All of them are currently being sold for a new floor price that is more than twice as expensive as their original price. More recently, the cards were up for auction for 0.350 ETH (ether, a very well-liked form of cryptocurrency), or around $415, and the total trade volume for the cards had surpassed $7.4 million.

Trump NFT Trading Card Are Hilarious

Some of the 1,000 or so rarer variants of the 45,000 tokens that Trump’s associates have issued are even fetching prices of 6 ETH ($7081) or more on OpenSea.

Many unknown photographers could only hope their work skyrocketed in value or went on sale so rapidly. I’ve tried selling my photographs as NFTs, but I haven’t yet surpassed those sales figures.

It’s difficult to determine if Trump’s stats represent a valid instance of soaring organic demand or a case of wash trading in action.

The fact that some of the Trump NFTs appear to have been made by digitally pasting Trump’s head over completely unedited stock photographs offered under license on websites like Shutterstock is another intriguing aspect about them.

This appears to be the case for several of the cowboy-like NFT photos of Trump, as well as for the image of a Space Force astronaut bearing the head of the previous president.

According to a report by Gizmodo, another cosplay appears to have been inspired by hunting gear seen on the Banded website for outdoor wear.

We don’t know if some of these companies and stock picture owners gave their permission for Trump to use images of their clothes for his own peculiar new business enterprise. An effort to get in touch with Banded regarding the problem hasn’t gotten a response yet.


NFT trade cards are electronic collectibles that are blockchain-verified. Because of their rarity and inability to be duplicated, they are extremely valuable to collectors.

Depending on who you ask, NFTs can be highly expensive (or valuable) since they somehow achieved the impossibility of introducing scarcity into the global digital market. An NFT is a means to own a picture rather than merely a wildly costly way to purchase one. When you purchase an NFT, you don't simply get the image.


The fact that NFT INT LLC is situated in a strip mall in Utah, where it presumably shares real, physical office space with dry cleaners, strip restaurants, and a UPS delivery facility, is another peculiar aspect in this fresh excursion of Trump craziness. Read the Salt Lake Tribune’s investigation into that specific aspect to learn more.

Trump NFT Trading Card Are Hilarious

If you’re not sure what NFTs are, they essentially stand for a kind of non-copiable, one-of-a-kind cryptographic token that may be attached to digital or even physical items to represent them on a particular cryptocurrency blockchain.

Digital images of any kind, digital artwork, and other assets can all be “transformed” into NFT copies of themselves and sold on websites that host NFT auctions. A lot of photographers also list their works for sale on well-known websites like OpenSea.

With these rather straightforward works of digital art, Trump is essentially doing the same thing. But his popularity indeed attracts interest and potential customers.


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