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What are some true spanking stories?

What are some true spanking stories

1st True Spanking Stories

I would want to start with. This is something that I am able to say without hesitation at this point since the statute of limitations has already passed.

I was having a water balloon war with a buddy who was not a problem. It was a basic and innocent activity. Let’s call him by his name. Even though Mark and his sister, who we will refer to as Alexa, were a good buddy group, we were constantly getting into problems when we were exposed for an extended period of time. In every instance, they were the kind of people who would go much above what was expected of them. In any case, we were having fun in the front garden on a scorching day in August. Although it was a lot of fun, we eventually became exhausted from hurling water balloons at each other. Despite the fact that we were already drenched, Mark made the decision to begin striking animals and other objects. As he went by automobiles, they honked their horns and people screamed, but it was still entertaining.

In any case, we run out of water balloons, so he goes back to manufacture more. When he went back, the bucket of water balloons appeared odd; they were smaller, and a couple of them in particular were warm in comparison to the other ones that were cold. You, my readers, are able to understand where this is headed. I refrained from touching the water balloons at that time since I was aware of what he had done, and then I observed that someone with a convertible had thrown the balloon. When I saw it, it was like seeing a train crash in slow motion. While the water balloon was in flight, the heavenly chorus performed their symphony and smacked the unfortunate balled guy on the head as if heaven was laughing back at them.

As children, a guy slammed into his mailbox, bent the metal, and cursed a storm. That meant HAUL ASS!!! A moment later, as he shrieked, “IS THIS PISS!!!!!,” my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach. There was a cloud of dust around Mark and Alexa, but I was not… I suffered from asthma, and I was not very quick while I was riding my bike. It seemed as if I was the one who was following the balled-up guy, who was driving his automobile. As a result of my quick thinking, I rushed to the house of a friend who I knew was at home. However, her grandmother was in her late seventies and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. You’ve won!

that I hurried in the door, I made it a point to greet my grandmother in the same manner that my buddy had done. I hurried to my friend’s room as she turned from matlock to wave hello to me. I informed her of everything and instructed her on what to do. In response to the cops pounding on her house, her grandmother answered the door. My buddy came down and confirmed that she had been at the home all day. “Can I speak to your granddaughter, please?” the police officer said. The law enforcement officer inquired of the grandmother if she had any more granddaughters or friends staying with her. Which prompted her to respond, “This is my only granddaughter, and I haven’t seen anyone else come through this door.”

It was the man who was standing behind the cop who was yelling and shouting a lot who was saying that there had to be another female, and he watched me enter the home. The manner in which Grandma grew enraged and said that she was seated directly in front of the television. The whole time he has been there, he has not seen anybody interested in the door, and he is completely insane. After expressing her gratitude to her grandmother, the law enforcement officer shut the door.

In the event that that irritated bald guy was keeping an eye on the home, I remained in her wardrobe for a full hour. I went home to assist with the fencing in the backyard after leaving my bike at her residence. I lived four homes away from her at the time. When that bald guy spotted me a few days later, I gave him the bird and continued riding my bike anyhow. He lived near the beginning of my community, which was quite a distance from my home. Are we yelling? If you ever came to see where I live, I would be in a lot of problems.

Whenever I would meet him, I would always tell him that I didn’t even toss the damn balloon, and that he may screw me over. Take note of the colour red, yet nothing ever transpired or resulted from it. It was my quick thinking that saved the day, but I most certainly earned a few of spankings.

2nd True Spanking Stories

At the very least, it felt like I was spanked more times than I can count when I was a child. I was spanked more than I can count. It would take me an entire day to give you genuine spanking tales, and I would never be able to complete telling you about all of the spankings I have had. If you want to know the truth, I will tell you that I was never punished when I did not deserve to be spanked. The only time I was paddled was when I was mischievous and disobeyed one of my mother’s rules. My mother’s knee was the place where I gained a lot of crucial life lessons. I am grateful that my mother disciplined me when I needed it, and that she disciplined me in a manner that was appropriate, never a beating, whipping, or anything else that might be considered abusive. I had a nice old-fashioned spanking from my mother, which consisted of her right hand being placed on the seat of my trousers. I became a better person as a result of my mother’s spankings.

3rd True Spanking Stories

How are you? I can see that you want to hear some real spanking stories. I’ll give you a few. Now, just to be clear, these are just normal punishment stories. Nothing too crazy. Now, hold on tight, and let me take you on a short trip through time.

It’s time for a favourite from my school days. Have you ever noticed that teachers can be too strict? Well, there was that time when I was in seventh grade and Ms. LaChance, my homeroom teacher, was good friends with my mom. Ms. LaChance was my temporary guardian while my mom was out of town on work. I was getting into trouble at school, and she had a great plan for me! She said she would hit me ten times a day to teach me a lesson. I really did learn my lesson the hard way after those spankings.

Later, when I was a teenager, my mom spanked me on the bottom every time I did something wrong. Sometimes it seems like the story of discipline never ends. But see, these spankings aren’t mean; they’re meant to teach me respect and how to be responsible. If you have your own stories or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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