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Does Donald Trump have a Hair Transplant?

Does Donald Trump have a Hair Transplant

Donald Trump has undergone numerous procedures, possibly around 4–5 according to several hair transplant specialists, notably Dr. Gary Linkov.

Initially, his frontal hairline has undergone positive transformations since his college days, a phenomenon uncommon among men. Simultaneously, his forehead has experienced a reduction in size. It’s noteworthy that his father, previously almost entirely bald, also opted for a similar surgical path.

During the 1980s, Trump underwent a flap surgery, a method involving extracting a substantial portion of hair from the side of the head, surgically detaching it, and grafting it onto the crown. This may explain his inclination to meticulously comb over his hair, concealing the resulting scars.

Visible scars tend to diminish with the passage of time and aging, rendering them less conspicuous. The regions of transplanted hair, sourced from the lateral areas of the head, are resistant to typical male pattern baldness.

This specific flap procedure facilitates the distinctive comb-over style, leading to peculiar instances of hair flaps swaying in the breeze, as evident in visual instances.

Trump underwent two such island procedures and subsequently opted for scalp reduction surgery to bring these two flaps closer together. This older technique, now obsolete due to its invasiveness and diminished effectiveness, aimed to create a more compact and natural appearance.

An examination of Trump’s high school photograph reveals thinning at the corners of his forehead, indicating a progressive nature of hair loss. It’s plausible that he’s also undergone conventional procedures like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), involving the extraction of individual hairs from the posterior region for transplantation to the top.

Trump, like many men, grapples with substantial hair loss, a fact he vehemently denies, dismissing any allegations of undergoing surgical interventions.

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