Personal Finance for the Modern Millennial

Introduction to Personal Finance for the Modern Millennial

Personal Finance for the Modern Millennial: Money is a very hard and controversial topic to understand or even talk about with your family. It doesn’t matter if you grew up with money or not; what matters is being able to plan and budget for the future. Money has a simple purpose: the more of it you have, the more value you can use to keep up your lifestyle.

Personal Finance for the Modern Millennial

The hardest part of building wealth is managing your TIME and sticking to your budget! When it comes to managing their finances, many people think too much, which can lead to confusion and irrational decisions. The average American thinks that money should be handled in a more traditional way: earn, spend, save/invest. Due to the lack of financial education in school, we always forget the two most important parts of managing our money: growth and protection.

Those old ways might have worked a hundred years ago, but the world is changing so quickly now that they don’t work anymore and could be a problem for one’s finances. It is very important to use these two methods along with traditional ones to manage your money well. In this new digital economy, we need to rethink the whole way we manage money.

That’s why we made Personal Finance for the Modern Millennial: to help regular people rethink how they handle their money.


Personal Finance for the Modern Millennial

If you want to get rich, it’s clear that you have to make money. This is the only way for you to save money. There are many ways to make money. Some examples are having a full-time job, which is very convenient, freelancing, which is good for people who work well on their own and can work from anywhere, or starting your own business (the most difficult way to go about earning money, but also the most profitable).

Personal Finance for the Modern Millennial

One thing you should know is that making money is not what’s important. What’s important is how much money you can make. Earning money is the first step toward getting rich, but it’s not enough if you don’t know how to increase your earning potential and sources of income.


This one might also seem obvious, but a lot of people forget about it and end up living from paycheck to paycheck. How can you do well financially if you can’t keep your spending in check? It’s pretty simple: you can’t.

Personal Finance for the Modern Millennial 5

The 50/30/20 budget is a good rule of thumb for spending money wisely. With this budget, you pay for necessities with 50% of your money, everything else with 30%, and save the last 20% for emergencies. If you don’t have a full-time job that pays at least $100,000 per year, you’ll probably have to give up things you think are important right now. You don’t need everything right away. Focus on building up your wealth first, and then when you’ve reached your financial goals, you can treat yourself.


Most people don’t pay attention to the next part of personal finance for the modern millennial and don’t know enough about money to act on it. This is also the most important part of getting rich and being able to live on your own.

Personal Finance for the Modern Millennial

If you’re not saving, you’re not doing a good job of managing your money, to put it bluntly. This just means that you want to save some money each month so that you can start investing it later. You might not have enough money to invest right away, but the important thing is that you’re taking charge of your money. Everyone should be serious about saving money.

When you put money into your savings and investments, you put that money to work for you. For instance, if you saved $1,000 and put it in a mutual fund, you might have more than $600 ($620 to be exact) left over after 10 years if you took inflation into account. This is the magic of compound interest, which means that the longer your money has to grow, the more interest it could earn.


Sometimes you need to borrow money, especially if you’re young and need some extra cash. You can reach your financial goals much more quickly if you borrow money. This is because the earlier you start saving, the more time your money has to grow from interest.

Personal Finance for the Modern Millennial

Before you take out a loan or borrow money, find out as much as you can about it. Before you borrow something, you should know the terms of the loan and how much you’ll have to pay back. You should also try to combine as many loans as you can. This will help you pay back your loans faster and save you money on interest.

Also, paying back your debts on time or early helps you build a good credit score. If your credit score is high, you may be able to borrow more money in the future.


Personal Finance for the Modern Millennial 6

The last part of managing your own money is making sure that your investments are safe. This means as we’ve already talked about, being smart about how you spend and invest your money and making sure you don’t leave yourself open to fraud or theft. Don’t forget to set up an emergency savings account and increase your life insurance coverage!

Insurance is a good way to protect yourself and your family from things that could go wrong. It is recommended that you have at least $1 million in life insurance, and if other people depend on you financially, you should increase your coverage.

We all know that having a healthy mind is crucial to our overall health. Physical health and mental health are both important to the quality of our lives.

Conclusion: Personal Finance for the Modern Millennial

There is a great weight on your shoulders as a millennial. And if you can get your financial house in order, you’ve already solved half your issues! Follow these four guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to improving your financial situation.

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