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How to Mine Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in 2023 – A Complete Guide For Beginners

How to Mine Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in 2023

One of the most well-liked methods of earning money with cryptocurrency is mining. Digital currency is mined in this way. Mining is the method through which new blocks are added to the blockchain. The system keeps working as a result of this action. The miners are paid for their labor, so that’s good.

Users typically participate in Bitcoin mining. The cryptocurrency that dominates the market is the one that is most in demand. However, this method is also used to mine Ethereum, other currencies, and BTC. Even if a lot of brand-new ways to earn Bitcoin have emerged recently, mining is still important.

Mining pool OKX

Mining pool OKX

Due to the pooling of efforts, the mining pool option is appealing. You establish a connection to the server and begin your job in the mining neighborhood. Practice demonstrates that using such a technique makes it simpler to get the intended outcomes.

You may locate and add new blocks more quickly by using a mining pool to mine money. According to several professionals, solo mining is no longer relevant. The pool’s advantages are still clear even if this argument is highly contested.

Directly speaking, the OKX pool is a really alluring choice for Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. The degree of trust is raised since it is connected to a well-known transaction.

This pool also includes distinctive technology. It has consistently shown steadiness. And this occurred under many circumstances. The pool thwarted many hacking assaults.

Additionally, clear and comprehensible computations are employed here. Flexibility and the application of numerous techniques define the pool. There is a chance for everyday profit for miners.  

The pool gathers a sizable group of technical experts and professionals. Users from all over the world can join. Work is done every day of the week, round the clock.

These are some of this option’s benefits:

  • safety;
  • work stability;
  • transparent conditions;
  • a large number of participants;
  • high reliability.

There are no glaring flaws in this pool. You will have fantastic mining prospects if you join it.

An alternative to mining is trading with the Dash 2 Trade platform

An alternative to mining is trading with the Dash 2 Trade platform

Trading is an extremely lucrative industry nowadays that offers earnings comparable to mining. However, new traders frequently face an edge over experienced ones. The delay in receiving or total absence of crucial information is the cause of this. To remedy this, the Dash 2 Trade platform was developed.

The platform is initially free to use, but to access the enhanced functionality and additional features, you must subscribe and pay using a native D2T token. The entry-level salary is 400 D2T per month, whereas the professional salary is 1000 D2T per month. 

The token’s value will rise during the pre-sales nine phases. 700 million tokens out of a fixed supply of 1 billion have been designated for the pre-sale. 1 D2T is currently valued at $0.0476. It is anticipated that this amount would increase to $0.0662 at the ninth stage.

Advantages of the project:

  • platform security is officially confirmed;
  • several levels of access with the provision of trading signals and indicators;
  • simple and profitable participation in the pre-sale.

Other mining pools

There are other intriguing mining pools in addition to the OKX choice. You may pick Hiveon, Ethermine, ViaBTC, SpiderPool, Binance Pool, and other services as examples for BTC mining. Because each of them has unique qualities, you may choose the one that best suits you.

The following are some benefits of pools:

  • uniting the efforts of miners;
  • authority;
  • good conditions for earning;
  • choice of the most appropriate option.

Main disadvantage:

  • the risk of misallocation of income.

However, given that we are discussing a possible threat, this negative is more conditional than absolute. Reliable pools don’t have any issues. According to the work made, the user gets awarded. Therefore, the revenue is distributed fairly.

Solo mining

Individual Bitcoin mining is still an option if you don’t want to communicate with other miners. You will have to rely on your own abilities in this situation.

There are two well-liked options for lone miners:

  • using a rig with video cards;
  • ASIC miner.

You’ll need a specialized computer, which is substantially more powerful than a standard PC, in the first scenario. On the setup, up to 4-6 video cards may be mounted. The motherboard, power supply, CPU, and other crucial components are also present. 

You could require a unique module that provides remote control for such a device. There must be a cooling system on the rig. Numerous tasks are carried out by the miner’s computer. Cool this PC down to prevent overheating.

ASIC is a unique gadget created especially for mining. This equipment might cost between $1,000 and $15,000, depending on the type. Here, rather than employing a video card, a dedicated chip is used to execute computing tasks. These gadgets use less power, work for longer, and break down less frequently. ASIC performance is also superior to rig performance.

The following are some benefits of this approach:

  • all mining income goes to you;
  • lack of dependence on the pool;
  • the prospect of high income;
  • the possibility of selling equipment.

Main disadvantage:

  • large expenses are required.

Cloud mining

With cloud mining, mining is done through specialized servers that the miner connects to. By doing this, you won’t need to utilize your own equipment.

You pay a commission and register on one of the websites. You will also need to incur certain costs to use this mining strategy. In any event, there won’t be as many of them as if the necessary iron had been purchased. 

Cloudmy, Apextop, and are a few well-known cloud mining servers. You have up to 100 days to recoup your money. Other services are available, but they need to be trustworthy.

Among the positive aspects of cloud mining are:

  • availability;
  • no need to purchase equipment;
  • use of leased capacities; 
  • fast payback.


  • the low popularity of the method.

You are leveraging someone else’s computational power in this situation, which is a significant gain. Some experts, meanwhile, are dubious of this approach. Controlling the cloud mining process is challenging. The accumulated compensation’s fairness is questioned in different ways. However, some miners do succeed in using this technique.

Individual mining or mining pool

Individual mining or mining pool

Which mining option is preferable? There is no one correct option in this situation; certain users are better suited for pools, while others are better suited for individual output. The miner’s own tastes influence a lot of things. Some users find it easier to make money in the group, while others prefer to do it alone. This situation so relies on the individual. 

Earnings in the mining pool  

In pools, the miner is given a portion as compensation for each successful solution. The total number of blocks is calculated by adding the quantity of these balls. Therefore, the miner does not have to completely open the block by hand. Here, a team effort has produced the desired outcome.

There are two ways to profit from pools concurrently:

  • PPS;
  • PPLNS.

The miner must get paid for each ball they bring in the first scenario. The block may or may not be noticed in its entirety, but this still occurs. Since the miner’s income is guaranteed, this technique is seen as being particularly dependable.

However, the pool itself runs a risk by choosing the PPS option. If miners search for blocks for an excessive amount of time, they may enter the red. Pools levy a fee between 3 and 7 percent to prevent such a situation. 

PPLNS only pays the miner when a block has been successfully mined. Here, there isn’t a prize for every ball. Miners are compensated for locating the final few answers. Each share from this list earns the miner a payout once they open a block.     

The cost for open blocks in PPLNS is based on how quickly this job is completed. With this plan, there are no additional expenses for the pool. Well, the commission is smaller than it was with PPS.

Mining at home  

Let’s assume that you would like to mine at home. You must make a decision between the rig and the ASIC in this situation. Naturally, you could utilize a more professional mining farm. However, novice miners should avoid using this equipment.

It is preferable to use video cards for mining cryptocurrencies if you are unsure about your future plans to do so. You may sell this equipment more quickly if you use the rig. Video cards are popular among users outside of Bitcoin miners. As a result, you may quickly scale back your activities if necessary. This is your backup plan if mining proves to be ineffective or you simply become bored. 

The inefficiency of ASIC miners is an additional justification for the rig. This gadget makes a lot of noise, unlike a computer with video cards. Additional cooling equipment will also need to be purchased.

ASIC will be an appropriate choice if you decide to take up mining seriously and have a preference for farms. Such gadgets don’t require any further construction or configuration. All you have to do is outfit the chamber and begin mining. 

Mining Wallets

The miner must find a solution to the storage problem. It is preferable to utilize a cold wallet that is not online for this reason. These vaults provide excellent security.

You may also utilize exchange wallets. Despite being less trustworthy, they also have many benefits, such as:

  • making fast transactions with cryptocurrency;
  • receiving income from holding funds;
  • additional investment opportunities.

You may carry out several transactions and swiftly withdraw earned bitcoins using the exchange wallet. By holding money, platforms enable you to make money. By doing this, you may profit from cryptocurrencies by up to 5 to 7%. 

Loans will be another way to increase the number of coins that are produced. As a result, you will earn an additional 10–12% of your salary. Consider the following details when selecting a safe online service:

  • burglary protection;
  • convenience;
  • conversion cost;
  • commission;
  • important features;
  • user reviews.

The exchange has to do regular security audits. Check to see if there have been any break-ins at the location. A user-friendly interface that streamlines platform engagement would be a major bonus.

When a user saves and sells coins on the same service, it is a positive thing. It is useful, practical, and profitable. Make care to consider the commission % and assess the exchange’s important characteristics. Considering the objectivity of reviews posted on the internet, analyze them.

Pool selection 

For many Bitcoin miners, the pool option is the best one. We advise that you take the following factors into account before selecting this community:

  • the size of the commission;
  • withdrawal conditions;
  • server availability;
  • reputation;
  • supported devices;
  • payment terms.

The fee is typically fixed between 1 and 2 percent. But make sure to examine the conditions immediately away because there can be exceptions. Learn the minimum withdrawal amount and if the necessary technical resources are available for this activity.

The mining process will function better the closer you are to the server. Make sure the pool is compatible with the equipment you plan to use to mine money. Consider the format utilized here as well as the regularity with which the incentive is paid. Please make informed decisions. 

Let’s say you choose to begin mining Ethereum. Ethermine is a sensible choice. With a 1% commission, this is a fantastic pool. The specified values determine the minimum output.

The mining process will benefit because this is the nearest server in Europe. The pool is well-known and appropriate for a variety of gadgets. Requests for payments are fulfilled. PPLNS is the mechanism used to disperse profit.

Starting the miner

Open the Start Mining tab to establish a connection to an Ethermine miner. Afterward, pick the one that works with your hardware. Due to the lowest commission, Phoenix Miner will be a lucrative solution.

After that, download the needed file and set up the software. What you’ll need for this is

  • program parameters;
  • connection protocol;
  • pool server address;
  • port;
  • spare server;
  • wallet address;
  • the name of your device.  

Run the file and follow the instructions after finishing all of the settings. The program’s UI allows you to keep an eye on the jobs that have been assigned to workers, the card’s temperature and power usage, as well as the tasks that have been drawn from a pool. You will also observe any issues on the screen if they occur.

Cryptocurrencies for mining

There are other moments you may mine than Bitcoin. BTC is, without a doubt, the most costly cryptocurrency. Additionally, this leadership has been present from the beginning. However, individuals find interest in mining other digital currencies. These digital currencies include:

  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin;
  • Zcash; 
  • Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.

The cryptocurrency market’s second-place finisher is Ethereum. This currency uses smart contracts and has an infinite emission rate. A particular mention should be made of Ethereum 2.0’s successful debut.

Litecoin is frequently referred to as an enhanced version of Bitcoin. High liquidity characterizes this asset. Regarding volatility, the coin acts as expected. The minimal commission and the coin’s high level of popularity are further benefits

Zcash is appealing because of how anonymous it is. The coin’s popularity is increasing since it enables completely anonymous transactions. 

One of the most popular Bitcoin configurations is Bitcoin Cash, followed by Bitcoin SV. They have very high volatility, which seasoned and extremely cautious miners may take advantage of.  

Bitcoin continues to be the most mined coin at the same moment.

Users like mining the original coin. But it’s not just about BTC. As a result, someone mines currencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, and others.

Important nuances of mining

Important nuances of mining

There are several crucial factors to take into account when mining cryptocurrencies:

  • software;
  • computer equipment;
  • arrangement of the premises;
  • electricity costs;
  • financial question.

Install any essential software. Download the wallet and choose apps and services for the mining. Check that you have a decent processor, graphics cards, and any other essential hardware (such as an ASIC device).

Radeon, Geforce GTX, and AMD are examples of graphics cards. The capabilities of these gadgets are determined by the model’s specs. Use PCs with at least 8 GB of RAM.  

Take the room’s equipment seriously. Consider the ventilation system, as your equipment will operate at peak efficiency. Take care of the fire safety issue. 

Take into account the power usage factor. You will have to pay a lot of money for energy when mining cryptocurrencies. You will also need to spend a significant amount of money on equipment. So keep these financial costs in mind. Mining typically takes 10-12 months to pay off, and occasionally even longer. 


It all relies on the equipment's qualities, strategy, currency, pool, and other factors. Some consumers recoup their money and begin earning within 10 months or less. Others get depleted and stop mining.

Yes, theoretically. The user might employ such an approach. However, the viability of this step raises serious concerns. A standard PC is far more powerful than a decent smartphone. As a result, you will destroy your mobile device faster than you will generate money with it.

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