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How to Make Money with Cryptocurrency in 2023?

How to Make Money with Cryptocurrency in 2023?

The scenario that has emerged in recent years has had a significant influence on the global economy. It impacted not just businesspeople, but also regular people since many enterprises experienced significant losses or were forced to liquidate. In these times of financial uncertainty, an increasing number of people are researching the issue of cryptocurrencies. After all, you may make big money with them, but many people are curious about how to make money with Bitcoin. 

Today we will discuss how to generate money with cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, we will discuss the most promising crypto ventures that have the potential to generate big profits shortly.

How to earn on cryptocurrency from scratch?

How to Make Money with Cryptocurrency in 2023?

The volatility of many digital currencies exchange rates makes them appealing to traders. Opportunities for investment and commerce are emerging. The following prospective cryptocurrencies are at the top of the list of the most popular for investment:

Love Hate Inu

Love Hate Inu

$LHINU is one of the most recent cryptocurrencies created on the Love Hate Inu platform. This is a new meme token that is gaining traction among investors. With this token, you can ensure that your voice is heard.

The Love-Hate Inu platform operates on the Vote-to-Earn (Vote to Earn) principle: you must stake tokens on the platform before you may vote. Following that, you will be able to engage in other surveys, earning fresh tokens, and your responses will be completely anonymous. The platform’s blockchain system ensures that the outcome can always be validated and that the voting process itself is safe. 

Furthermore, 90% of all available $LHINU tokens will be sold during the 60-day pre-sale on the Love Hate Inu website. The remaining 10% will be utilized to give liquidity to the $LHINU community and to reward them.

Platform advantages:

  • users can create a variety of surveys on the Internet without worrying about the transparency of the results;
  • a great opportunity to earn money simply by expressing your opinion;
  • good investment prospects of the project, thanks to the unique idea and the development of the survey market.



For many people, freelancing is a fantastic, and often the only, method to earn money. Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors, freelancing is becoming increasingly challenging. This is due to increased competition, the monopoly of the main freelancing exchanges, and the political component. We all remember how, in 2022, the largest exchange, Upwork, suspended all users from Russia in one day, essentially leaving tens of thousands of workers unemployed.

The developers of the new DeeLance cryptocurrency initiative are determined to oppose such injustice. Their objective is to move freelance employment to the Web3 realm, which will eliminate numerous unfair situations owing to the platform’s total decentralization.

What will this mean for freelancers? Huge advantages include cheap commissions, honesty and openness in the selection process, access to all openings in one place, fast Bitcoin payments, and much more.

The $DLANCE token, which will act as the project’s internal currency, was produced to help implement the project. It is not difficult to predict that this cryptocurrency, which is presently in the pre-sale stage, will become highly popular among investors due to the project’s innovative idea, actual benefits, and the massive turnover of the freelancing market.

Advantages of the DeeLance project:

  • full decentralization of the freelance exchange;
  • low commissions and instant payouts;
  • the opportunity to build a full-fledged freelance career;
  • excellent prospects and investment attractiveness of the $DLANCE token.



Ecoterra is a revolutionary blockchain-based ecosystem that compensates people for assisting in the battle against pollution and enables businesses to address climate change. It is aimed at a diverse spectrum of users, including processors, small and big enterprises, industry, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Processors can improve their efficiency, and businesses may better regulate their environmental footprint and deploy more efficient technology to lessen the detrimental influence on the planet’s ecology, thanks to this ecosystem. 

Furthermore, governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) may utilize Ecoterra to raise awareness about environmental concerns and coordinate efforts to mitigate climate change.

Ecoterra is available to anybody who wishes to help our world have a more sustainable future.

Project advantages:

  • the real benefit of the project is environmental protection;
  • rewarding participants for waste disposal;
  • promising cryptocurrency at the pre-sale stage.



A potential cryptocurrency startup that allows you to earn money through physical exercise. Through its platform, FightOut aims to enhance the health of the global population. The establishment of gyms, the attraction of elite athletes from across the world, and broad access to the platform all show that the initiative is first focused on the requirements of those interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

FightOut’s founding members are fitness industry fanatics, therefore they poured all of their expertise, knowledge, and talents into designing a first-rate Move-To-Earn (“move to earn”) program. Users will obtain digital prizes for their efforts and advancement in real life in this manner.

In today’s volatile environment, not everyone has the chance to attend training and participate in sports outside of the house. However, FightOut considered this as well. People do not need to go to the gym to make money because they may complete fitness chores anywhere. The program will create a training regimen that will enhance health and fitness both in real life and in the metaverse.

Each user in FightOut will have an avatar, which will progress alongside them. That is, the more actively and often a person engages, the greater his level of digital reflection. Users will be able to compete and compare their physical strength with other members of the community as a result of this.

The ideal time to purchase $FGHT tokens is now, as their value will climb in the next round of the pre-sale.


  • opening real gyms, having your application;
  • favorable price of the token due to the pre-sale;
  • the opportunity to earn money during daily sports activities.

Metropoly (METRO)

Metropoly (METRO)

Many people desire to invest in real estate but are concerned about the exorbitant pricing. The Metropoly project’s founders devised a novel solution to this challenge. Everyone may now easily profit from real estate. Metropoly has a large selection of NFT properties for sale at cheap prices.

An NFT property’s price, like physical housing, rises over time. All Metropoly properties are supported by income-generating physical assets and are meticulously verified and held by trustworthy partner corporations or the Metropoly Foundation.

You won’t have to worry about hidden costs, paperwork, or bank fees if you combine blockchain technology with real estate investing. With Metropoly, you may quickly invest in real estate with a little amount of money.

The METRO project’s coins are now available for pre-sale. The pre-sale is divided into stages, with each successive stage increasing the price of the token, so act quickly to take advantage of the best deal right now. Tokens may be bought using ETH, USDT, or BNB.



The C+Charge initiative attempts to democratize the carbon credit market by allowing electric car owners to earn extra money through a blockchain-based platform. 

How will it be put into action? It’s simple: as the number of electric vehicles increases exponentially, the number of electric “gas stations” will increase as well.

C-Charge could become a single payment standard at charging stations, solving two problems at once: simplifying the payment system for car charging and allowing electric car owners to receive carbon credits (currently, only electric car manufacturers and charging station owners receive credits). 

To implement such a large-scale project, C+Charge issued their token – CCHG, which is now in the pre-sale stage, which means that not only owners of electric cars but also all interested investors, can profit from it, as the coin is expected to rise significantly after the pre-sale. 

Project advantages:

  • introduction of a simple payment system at charging stations using cryptocurrency;
  • implementation of a bonus program for owners of electric cars (encouragement with carbon credits);
  • the opportunity to earn a promising project token.



Users of the initiative can pick from several options for improving the world’s environmental status and general quality of life.

It’s never been easier to make a difference in the world! Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Buy IMPT coins.
  3. Convert IMPT to carbon credits.
  4. Loans will be presented in NFT format.

In addition, the client can continue with ready-made carbon credits in one of two ways:

  1. Burn the NFT credit that you purchased to offset your carbon impact. For each credit wiped off in this manner, the platform will deliver a prize in the form of a collectible NFT designed particularly for the IMPT project by professional artists.
  2. Keep the carbon credit as an investment.


  • profitable purchase of tokens at the pre-sale stage with a subsequent increase in the rate
  • the ability to influence the environmental situation;
  • a simple process of buying tokens;
  • receiving unique NFTs.



Are you looking for a cryptocurrency with significant growth potential? Do you want to have fun while still generating decent money? The new Tamadoge ecosystem, which includes a native TAMA coin, is just what you need.

The TAMA world is now open to a wide range of users, including seasoned traders, advanced players, and newcomers to Play-To-Earn cryptocurrency games. Tamadoge is distinguished by its attractive graphics, clear and engaging gameplay, and well-thought-out system economy.

Players can buy as many NFT pets with distinct traits as they wish. First, the owners care after and raise their Tamadoge dogs. When the pups reach adulthood, they may compete in spectacular bouts in a unique arena, earning their owners a good living. Furthermore, NFT Tamadoge can be sold for a profit.

TAMA security is given to safeguard the interests of investors and players. Bots, Rug Pull, dumping, and devaluation are all prevented.


  • The obvious utility of the Tamadoge meme currency.
  • Ease of buying TAMA with ETH or USDT.
  • A huge attraction for casual gamers.
  • Well-thought roadmap.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity

The Battle Infinity gaming platform provides its customers with a range of P2E games. Lovers of decentralized leisure will find plenty of possibilities to both relax and make money here. Total immersion is ensured through transparency and security. All methods of engagement are accessible in games, allowing each user to select the option that best suits their needs and earn money on cryptocurrencies while having fun.

New users are drawn to the platform’s distinct capabilities. These characteristics make Battle Infinity a more exciting and rewarding activity for gamers. For example, freezing a particular amount of tokens for a set length of time aids in receiving interest charges. The magnitude of the profit obtained is determined first and foremost by the frozen sum.

The automatic addition of liquidity to the pool allows for token price stabilization. Furthermore, the site forbids bots from influencing the worth of a player’s funds. There is a transaction commission, but the accruals are insignificant. This helps consumers to remain in the black in all ways.

  • innovative Play-to-Earn concept (play to earn)
  • protection of players’ funds.

Investing in a DeFi Coin token

DeFi Coin is a digital currency established by the well-known decentralized DeFi Swap system. The coin has only recently entered the market, but it is quickly gaining popularity. This is due in part to the fact that DeFi Coin is required to perform any function on the site. 

Furthermore, it is of special importance to Bitcoin traders who make money through long-term investing. DeFi Swap pays out dividends regularly to all coin holders.

DeFi Coin may be purchased directly on the DeFi Swap platform as well as on any cryptocurrency exchange. In most situations, the cryptocurrency pair will include BNB, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange’s native digital token. 

Many analysts believe DeFi is a good investment. This is validated by the collaboration with Binance, one of the most prominent exchanges today.

How to earn cryptocurrency through mining? 

Mining for cryptocurrency was notably popular at a period when virtual currencies were just getting started in the financial industry. Even now, it is often used. Its primary function is to handle digital currency transactions made by users. This job is compensated for by the miner. 

However, no significant effort is necessary. The equipment handles the operations. However, the algorithm itself is complicated. As a result, the miner will require high-powered equipment, which will be costly. These are many strong GPUs in particular. Or customized mining equipment that has been honed for a certain currency.

To begin mining successfully, you will require a capital of several hundred thousand rubles. You must wait until all investments pay off before you can start producing a genuine net profit. This takes roughly a year on average.

It is best to choose a technician that is capable of properly connecting and maintaining the electronics. This solution is not particularly ideal for beginners. It is intended for people who have prior expertise in the field. 

Pros of earning on mining:

  • To start receiving income from the “mining” of cryptocurrency, you do not need special knowledge and large investments.
  • Income from a passive source. You do not have to be continually near the machinery during mining. You may generate money on a Bitcoin farm while working elsewhere.
  • The anonymity of your income.
  • Your investment will pay off pretty quickly – in just a few months.


  • To earn serious money, large-scale mining will require a room. Moreover, it must be dry and with active ventilation.
  • Video cards must be constantly cooled or they will eventually stop working.
  • Every year, the reward for mining some cryptocurrencies decreases (for example, this happens with Bitcoin).
  • High energy costs.

Cloud mining

Cloud mining

Cloud mining is a low-cost method in which bitcoin is mined using rented equipment, which is frequently situated in a different city or even country.

 You may mine Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, and other digital assets using cloud servers.

Pros of using cloud mining

  • Saving money by not purchasing expensive equipment, renting a room, or paying for power.
  • You can independently choose a service that provides cloud mining by reading the reviews on the Internet.
  • There are many different cloud services available.
  • Some tariff options and cryptocurrencies are available for mining.


  • Lower incomes. You will earn less than with traditional mining.
  • You may stumble upon a “highly profitable hype” that is well disguised as a regular cloud mining service. In this case, it will be possible to receive income only at the start of the project.

Earnings through landing

Landing is another fascinating approach to generating money. In essence, this is a loan with interest. A trader can make such loans to other traders as well as bitcoin exchanges. The latter make advantage of the landing page to improve the liquidity of a certain cryptocurrency. The main advantage of landing is that you may earn enormous quantities of money with little work. As experience has proven, such funds cannot be gained by a bank deposit.

The asset’s owner can issue cryptocurrency “credit” in the form of:

  • Indefinitely. Although the interest rate will be modest in this instance, the lender retains the ability to take profits at any moment.
  • For a certain period. The interest rate is high, however, the received dividends cannot be collected before the set time.

Cryptocurrency staking

Many individuals now consider the staking procedure to be an approximation of mining. Staking cryptocurrency is analogous to depositing at a bank in several respects. One major distinction is that the account is opened in digital money. Furthermore, profitability is higher here. 

It might be up to 3% every month. All a Staker needs to do is send a specific quantity of coins to a dedicated account on the exchange. As a result, the user will earn passive money in the long run. This is already a significant advantage. In addition, unlike mining, you do not need to acquire any equipment.

However, there are several disadvantages to staking. In comparison to other methods of generating bitcoin, profitability is small. At the same time, there is always the chance of the exchange being closed. This results in an immediate loss of capital.

Choose your swap with caution. The platform must be safe and credible in the market. Only in this situation will it be feasible to make money. Staking is advantageous since it is appropriate for both experienced and inexperienced traders. And the amount of profitability from this strategy is defined by the digital currency used.

Earn money through trading

Cryptocurrency trading includes both good and bad features. Let’s have a look at them:

Benefits of making money with trading:

  • Perhaps the most significant benefit is that you are uncontrolled and can do as you like.
  • You create a trading chart for yourself and purchase and sell assets as you see fit.
  • With the right information and expertise, trading stocks, currencies, or cryptocurrencies may provide considerable money. 


  • High chance of losing your money.
  • When trading, income is not always stable. You can lose money one month and make a significant profit the next.

The exchanges listed below are where you may earn money by exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Crypto, a cryptocurrency exchange, offers its members over 200 digital currencies to pick from. In essence, this is a whole cryptocurrency ecosystem centered on coin acquisition, sale, and operation. Among the most popular digital currencies are:

  • bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple.

And many more.

The trading terminal’s capability has been greatly extended in the program. It has access to orders, depth charts, a stop list, and a variety of other essential features. 

The benefits of this site include:

  • The chance to purchase popular coins at a significant discount through The Syndicate;
  • access to the DeFi Swap service for quick farming and exchange of DeFi Coin digital currency;
  • charging low commissions;
  • open access to DeFi Earn for depositing a token into the protocol with a favorable percentage;
  • a special card with 8% cashback;
  • chance to trade NFTs.

Main disadvantage:

  • the requirement to own local CRO coinage. Otherwise, it would be impossible to become the owner of beneficiaries and decrease transaction commission rates.



Capital is a well-known exchange. The key distinction of the Internet service is an astonishing variety of contracts for digital currency. A trader was interested in blockchain will be impressed by the broad selection of cryptocurrencies and the lack of transaction costs. 

It is worth noting that you may trade not only with coins but also with securities and other interesting things.

Because the broker works with CFDs, it will be a good alternative for traders who like short-term trading to generate money. That is, to do several dozen transactions throughout the day.  

These benefits draw both novice and seasoned traders to the exchange.

  • there is no commission, including for the withdrawal of funds;
  • many groups of goods for trade;
  • availability of mobile software;
  • low entry threshold – only $20;
  • cooperation with two regulators at once – CySEC and FCA;
  • tight spreads.


  • The trader will be unable to purchase Bitcoin traditionally owing to the CFD-based operation.

Earnings on ICO

During an ICO (initial placement, or the initial sale of tokens), you can purchase coins for nearly nothing. And make a lot of money afterward by reselling the Bitcoin.

Advantages of receiving income from participation in ICO:

  • With participation in the primary distribution of digital currency, you can earn even with small investments.
  • Successfully investing, you will receive super profits. It is not uncommon that within a month – a year after the ICO, the cost of the token grows by 1,000 – 10,000%, that is, 10-100 times!
  • Availability. Anyone can buy cryptocurrency during the primary sale.


  • Unknown is what will happen to the issued cryptocurrency in the future. not the fact that its worth will dramatically rise.
  • You can run into a scam project, or scammers, and lose all invested funds.

Even though they are largely negatives, some traders consider them to benefit. For example, because of the lack of oversight, bitcoin transactions are limitless. To avoid the remaining drawbacks, it is important to exercise caution while dealing with cryptocurrencies and to securely keep registration data.

Can you make money on NFTs?

Can you make money on NFTs?

Can! Non-fungible tokens can be earned in two ways: by issuing them or by purchasing them for resale.

NFT technology enables you to sell or buy a digital asset such as a photograph, a music track, text, and so on. This form of digital property can cost up to a million dollars.

Benefits of profiting from the sale of a unique token:

  • You may acquire a cheap NFT from an obscure collection and then sell it for a much greater price.


  • NFT prices are highly volatile. It is unlikely that someone will tell you exactly whether they will be valued in 5 or 10 years.
  • When making a transaction with a non-fungible token, you will have to pay a “gas” fee, which can reach several hundred dollars.

Advantages and disadvantages of earning on cryptocurrency

In today’s world, digital money is becoming popular not just for investing, but also for various forms of income. However, not everyone is aware of all of the advantages and disadvantages of the cryptocurrency trading process. The majority of the information that every trader should be aware of is listed below.


  • Design accessibility. After receiving sufficient theoretical information, any trader is perfectly capable of producing his coin. Of course, no one guarantees that investors will be found immediately. You need a unique strategy for things to work out.
  • There is no inflation. You can create a limitless quantity of coins. At the same time, don’t be concerned about the fact that it will depreciate. After all, the path is determined by norms that differ from those of the state economy.
  • Personal information storage. To complete transactions, there is no need to provide personal information to anybody. Storing digital cash and creating a wallet is also completely anonymous.
  • Amounts of money changed hands. Because the quantity is uncontrolled, even extremely huge volumes can be sent at once.
  • Level of security. Digital money is more secure than fiat money. It will be difficult to hack your wallet if you put it up correctly, and your Bitcoin profits will be protected. You may also seek the assistance of an experienced trader that the user trusts.

These are the primary benefits of working with digital money. They are not limited to single currencies but to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.


  • Inability to reclaim misplaced assets. If the money is moved to the incorrect account, there is no way to recover them. Only if the owner of that same account refunds them at the sending party’s expense.
  • Banking institutions lack control. In other words, money is totally in the hands of its owner. The sole safeguard is the digital encryption of the electronic wallet.
  • There is no legal authority. Most current services do not accept cryptocurrencies as a full payment method. Exactly because it is not legally regulated. As a result, coins are still not utilized in regular commerce.
  • You run the risk of losing your money. Because Bitcoin is often housed in a wallet or an exchange account, there is always the possibility of a hacker assault as well as the loss of registration data. Especially the password. Most of the time, the merchant will be unable to refund his coins.
  • Frequently changing course. Traders’ news feeds are continuously updated with information regarding changes in the value of specific cryptocurrencies. The biggest downside is that the drop might range from a few pennies to thousands of dollars. As a result, a late transaction assures a loss of cash. 

In custody

Whatever income option is picked, keep in mind that the trader must make his own decision. Relying on your requirements, possibilities, and perceptions from this or that approach rather than third-party counsel. Each of the products listed above is valuable in its manner. However, we must not lose sight of the actual hazards. 


Using the blockchain to accomplish this is not difficult. That is a network that executes Bitcoin transactions more quickly. Commission costs might be reduced as well.

This question is not easy to respond to. Since a criterion like dependability is dependent on some variables that the trader has no control over. However, a lot of people believe that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are the most trustworthy. Beginners frequently pick these for their portfolios.

There are several methods to make money without investing nearly any of your own money:

  • involvement in faucets and games built on bitcoins (or other cryptocurrencies); 
  • involvement in token airdrops, which are free token giveaways; 
  • affiliate programs for reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as investment and initial coin offering businesses.

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