Coinbase Helps Recover Wrongly Sent ERC-20 Tokens

Coinbase has released a tool to recover ‘wrongly sent’ ERC-20 tokens

Without ever revealing private keys, “our recovery tool can move unsupported cash directly from your arriving address to your self-custodial wallet.”

Users who “mistakenly transfer unsupported tokens” to exchange addresses have access to an asset recovery option provided by the prominent cryptocurrency platform Coinbase.

Coinbase Helps Recover Wrongly Sent ERC-20 Tokens

By supplying “the Ethereum TXID for the transaction where the asset was lost and the contract address of the lost asset,” customers who deposited any of the nearly 4,000 ERC-20 tokens to a Coinbase address may retrieve their previously unrecoverable payments, according to a Dec. 15 release from Coinbase. The exchange stated specific ETC-20 tokens like Wrapped Ether (wETH), TrueUSD (TUSD), and staked Ether (STETH) will be eligible for recovery, with a 5% penalty on transactions of more than $100.

According to Coinbase, “Our recovery tool can relocate unsupported funds directly from your incoming address to your self-custodial wallet without ever disclosing private keys.” “We achieved this by sending the cash straight from your inbound address without processing them through our centralized exchange infrastructure, utilizing patent-pending technology,” the company claims.

Coinbase Helps Recover Wrongly Sent ERC-20 Tokens

Many customers had experienced payments that were sent incorrectly since when the bitcoin business was almost entirely undeveloped. In a case from 2018, a Canadian court ruled that a user who purchased 530 Ether ETH $1,273 rather than the now-defunct Copytrack (CPY) tokens was forced to repay the extra tokens. An Australian judge made a similar finding in a case where inadvertently gave a customer $10.5 million rather than a $100 refund. Other significant exchanges appear to provide reimbursement for comparable transactions on an individual basis.

Coinbase Helps Recover Wrongly Sent ERC-20 Tokens

In its support pages, Binance stated that it “does not offer a token/coin recovery service” and that it may decide to help users “solely at its discretion.” The customer support staff of was instructed to be contacted, and users were cautioned that “money recovery may not be viable in some cases..”

More than 100 million people use Coinbase worldwide. CEO Brian Armstrong indicated in December that the exchange’s trading income for 2022 was estimated to be “about half” that of 2021. The platform also noted that demands for information pertaining to criminal investigations from law enforcement authorities had grown.

FAQs – Coinbase Recover ERC-20 Tokens

No, Loopring is unable to retrieve or compensate tokens that were transferred to the wrong address. Successful transactions on the Ethereum L1 or Loopring L2 blockchains cannot be undone.

Does Coinbase compensate stolen money? Banks may not always be obligated to return stolen funds. If you haven't done anything to jeopardise the security on your end, they will nearly always do so.

A 12-word recovery phrase, also known as a seed phrase, is generated by Coinbase Wallet and is only accessible by you. This implies that you will be unable to access your Coinbase Wallet if you lose your recovery phrase.


Congratulations! Coinbase has released a great new tool to help users recover ERC-20 tokens that were sent to the wrong address. This is a great step forward for cryptocurrency users, as it can help reduce the number of funds that are accidentally lost due to incorrect transactions. We encourage all users to take advantage of this tool as soon as possible to ensure that their funds remain secure.


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