Best 8 Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto

8 Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto

Key Takeaways:

  • Cryptocurrency with passive income enables you to use your cryptocurrency rather than leaving it “idle.”
  • Some passive income-generating methods for cryptocurrencies include staking, yield farming, cloud mining, crypto interest accounts, lending, dividend-earning tokens, forks & airdrops, and affiliate schemes.
  • However, it’s crucial to realize that each of these crypto passive income schemes has its own set of problems and hazards, so assess the risks of each plan before investing your money.

Passive Income with Crypto: As the cryptocurrency market experiences one of its most difficult bear markets in history, creating passive income from your crypto assets might be a viable approach to offset losses during bad markets and collapses. It is also a more profitable method for portfolio growth than the classic HODL (Hold Onto Dear Life) strategy.

Best 8 Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto

Though HODLing large market-cap coins and blue-chip tokens are ideal, there are alternative ways to generate passive income in the current crypto environment by putting your assets to work. This post will look at eight different ways to get passive income with cryptocurrency. We’ll assess how sustainable and dangerous each approach is, as well as the technical knowledge required to implement it.


Before we begin, we’d want to emphasize that while you can make passive income using bitcoin in the eight methods we’ll explain, it’s not guaranteed to be a success. We’re all aware of how volatile cryptocurrencies are. Even in the absence of a turbulent market, inflation and bearish markets might cause you to lose your whole investment. So, before investing in any plan, you should carefully examine if the risks associated are worthwhile.

Earn Passive Income with Crypto

When looking for ways to produce passive income using cryptocurrency, you have various options. Each approach presents its own set of chances and problems; some have bigger risks but possibly higher rewards than others, while others require some technical skills to implement. Here are the eight methods to make passive income using cryptocurrency, in no particular order:

1). Staking

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is a consensus technique that allows network members to reach an agreement on new transactions that will be added to the blockchain. Staking is a common method of producing passive income using cryptocurrency. It’s a low-energy alternative to crypto mining that allows you to produce long-term passive revenue.

PoS blockchains, like Ethereum, allow native token holders to participate in the validation process, especially transaction confirmation. Token holders stake their currencies as validators or delegate them to gain staking incentives. Validators, unlike miners, do not require expensive mining equipment to begin earning rewards; instead, they stake tokens. 

Best 8 Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto

The amount you make from staking is primarily determined by the asset itself. Furthermore, the value of the tokens you stake might increase or decrease throughout the staking time. If the token value falls, so will your profits, and vice versa. Some notable digital currencies to consider staking are Ethereum (ETH), Cosmos Hub (ATOM), Tezos (XTZ), and Cardano (ADA). Aside from collecting incentives, you will be helping to secure your favorite blockchain project.

2). Yield Farming

Yield farming has developed as a popular crypto passive income possibility since the launch of decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Unlike centralized exchanges (CEXs), which rely on order books to provide liquidity, DEXs supply liquidity to traders through liquidity pools. By locking tokens in a protocol’s pool, yield farmers operate as liquidity providers (LPs). As an LP, you are entitled to a portion of the fees produced.

As the traders benefit from the much-needed liquidity, you will profit as an LP. Instead of being paired with other traders, the traders trade against the funds you have locked in a liquidity pool. The incentives you receive are part of the trading costs that traders pay to use the pools. The incentives differ depending on a variety of circumstances, including the amount locked. Furthermore, the benefits for low-market size coins seeking additional liquidity may be larger.

However, yield farming is a dangerous business. When cultivating yield, for example, you should consider price fluctuation, especially for low-market cap tokens, as well as rug pulls. Furthermore, the potential of impermanent loss (when an asset’s price swings, making your investment in a liquidity pool less than the amount you deposited) may make yield farming difficult for newcomers. With that in mind, yield farming is a simple and long-term passive income crypto method to explore.   

3). Cloud Mining

Miners create new currencies, confirm current transactions, and add them to the network in cryptocurrency mining. In exchange, they get compensated for their computational capacity. However, as the number of miners rises, the mining difficulty increases. Furthermore, the process requires more energy, and players must improve their mining rigs regularly to stay up with the mining difficulty. 

Best 8 Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto

Cloud mining lowers the barriers to entry into the mining industry. Third-party service providers give their computer power to miners in this case. Miners can avoid investing large sums of money in mining equipment by using this strategy. Furthermore, it eliminates the cost of periodically updating the rigs. The service providers give their hash power to miners in exchange for mining incentives. When a new block is mined, the transactions are confirmed, and the miner’s account is rewarded.

Computations, data storage, servers, and processing are all done via the cloud or the internet in cloud mining. Cloud mining service providers charge based on the amount of processing power or technical knowledge used in the operation.

The most common sort of cloud mining is hosted mining. It enables interested parties to lease or purchase mining equipment from a miner. The miner maintains and tests the gear. In addition, clients get immediate access to their rewards in this system. Mining farms, because of their scaling mechanism, reduce the two most significant entrance barriers to mining: power and storage.

4). Crypto Interest Accounts

Another common technique to generate passive income with cryptocurrency is through interest accounts. By opening a savings account, you may earn interest on your bitcoin deposits. The account is identical to traditional finance’s financial products. This passive income technique is appropriate for long-term investments in assets.

Best 8 Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto

Crypto interest accounts are a new cryptocurrency business, and their return rates are frequently greater than standard savings accounts to attract more customers. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) you receive will differ depending on whether you have a fixed or variable term. Cryptocurrency is used to estimate yields. Because cryptocurrencies are very volatile, the value of your funds may fall or rise throughout the lock-up period, influencing your yearly income. As a result, you should look at APYs based on stablecoin deposits such as USDT and USDC.

The operation of cryptocurrency interest accounts is self-explanatory. What you should pay close attention to are the supported withdrawal choices. Cashing out of interest accounts is offered on both flexible and fixed periods. To receive a higher interest rate, you must lock your savings for a set length of time. On the contrary, flexible terms allow you to withdraw your savings and interest whenever you choose, although generally at a lesser rate.

Crypto interest accounts provide an accessible entry point into cryptocurrency investment due to their minimal technical difficulties and perceived low risk. However, keep in mind that institutions are not infallible, as demonstrated in the case of Celsius and other centralized organizations.

5). Lending

Crypto lending has developed as one of the most popular passive income pursuits in both controlled and decentralized systems. You may create income by lending your cryptocurrency to borrowers. Currently, there are four key crypto lending techniques to consider:

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending

P2P lending protocols allow lenders to specify their loan terms, including the amount they are ready to offer and the interest rate they want to charge. The protocols connect lenders and borrowers in the same way that P2P trading platforms connect buyers and sellers. However, you must first deposit the cash into the protocol’s smart contract vault.

Centralized Lending

In centralized lending, you rely only on the intermediaries of the loan system. In contrast to peer-to-peer lending, interest rates and lock-up periods are fixed in centralized lending. However, to get passive income, you must first transfer cash to the platform’s account.

Decentralized/DeFi Lending

Best 8 Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto 1

Decentralized lending, unlike P2P and centralized lending, does not involve custodians or third parties. Instead, players engage using smart contracts, which are self-executing and automated.

Margin Lending

Margin lending entails providing assets to borrowers who want to increase the size of their trading positions. You will receive the amount you lent plus interest at the end of the set term after lending your cryptocurrency. Margin lending is the primary function of centralized exchanges.

6). Dividend-Earning Tokens

A dividend is a portion of a company’s profits paid to its shareholders. In other words, it’s an incentive for helping a company expand. Businesses can pay dividends in cash or stock. Users contribute to cryptocurrency initiatives by purchasing their native tokens. These tokens serve several purposes, including compensating shareholders for their contributions.

Best 8 Ways to Earn Passive Income with Crypto

Most cryptocurrency ventures offer investors something resembling passive income. Backers help them by purchasing tokens, usually in the early stages. This provides much-needed money for the projects’ business growth. Backers earn by waiting for the tokens to rise in value before selling them at a profit. 

Some projects distribute a portion of their earnings to token holders. As an investor, you can hold the cryptocurrency and earn a percentage of the project’s earnings based on the number of tokens you own. KuCoin Shares (KCS), for example, pay its holders a portion of the daily KuCoin blockchain transaction fees. If the company’s token does well, it is fairly sustainable due to the minimal level of technical expertise required or risk. required or risk.

7). Forks & Airdrops

The crypto sector is teeming with projects vying for attention. Some of these ventures promote themselves to the public by rewarding early adopters, while others provide incentives through referral networks. These and other tactics are excellent ways to produce crypto passive income. With splits, there isn’t much you can do but stay put in terms of crypto news. Airdrops, on the other hand, need greater participation since they require participants to satisfy certain requirements such as retweeting a message, using a specific wallet, trading on a specific platform, or registering an account to get newsletters and frequent updates.

A cryptocurrency fork occurs when a coin branches onto another blockchain. For instance, the recent Ethereum fork produced Ethereum (ETH), EthereumPoW (ETHW), and EthereumFair (ETHF) (ETHF). People who owned Ethereum before The Merge got similar quantities of ETHW following the event. As a result, holders received free tokens in exchange for retaining ETH.

8). Affiliate Programs 

Affiliate programs have always been important components of project marketing plans, and the internet economy has considerably aided them. Several projects are now utilizing the affiliate marketing system. You earn cryptocurrency every time you suggest a new user to these projects. Alternatively, you may be asked to share affiliate links with your friends or followers so they to join the platform and earn benefits.

If you have an active blog or a large social media following, you should try bitcoin affiliate networks to create passive revenue. While affiliate marketing networks sometimes need a large following, they are one of the simplest, low-risk, and long-term methods to create passive income with cryptocurrency provided you have an audience to sell to.

FAQs – Passive Income with Crypto

Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano are three popular cryptocurrencies for earning passive revenue via staking. Staking is an increasingly popular technique to make passive income on your crypto assets. If you intend to acquire and retain cryptos for the medium to long term, it might be a simple approach to increase the total return on your portfolio.

All revenues from cryptocurrency mining, staking, or payments are taxed at your ordinary income rate, which varies according on your tax bracket. The tax rate on capital gains, on the other hand, varied depending on how long a trader kept the item.

It is feasible to gain $100 in bitcoin every day by investing around $1000 while watching a 10% growth just on a single combination. This technique is more realistic as compared to buying $200 and then watching a 50% rise on the pairing.


Cryptocurrencies provide several investing options, the most obvious of which is keeping them selling at a profit. However, your money may be put to greater use than waiting for this to happen. We reviewed eight techniques for generating passive income using cryptocurrency. However, before using any of these techniques, conduct thorough research on the market and the platforms with which you will be dealing.


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